Sunday, May 11, 2008

kellie pickler|photos|pictures|St. Jude Country Cares|Memphis, TN

Kellie Pickler|the night with three CMT awards

"it would not be possible if it were not for the fans who buy the records, come to the concert and vote and vote alot country radio, they have been so incredible, playing my songs and helping to make my dreams come true and thanks to so much for playing my videos and i wish i like to be there last night to celeberate with all of them, i can not wait and choose just the right heels to go with my new buckles kellie reffered to CMT music award trophy which looks like a large rodeo-style belt buckle" kellie said.
her FANS also signed out all other up and coming artists bu giving her vote for the "nationwide insurance life comes at you fast" award.which is the first year for award.kellie pickler will back to Nashville next week to continue work on her sophomore album due out later this year.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

photos|pictures|at theatre

following are her some sexy photos taken in a theatre at houston:

photos|pictures|american awards 2007

following photos and pictures are taken while kellie goes to attend american music awards 2007:

kellie pickler photos|pictures

following are some of the best photo collection of kellie pickler.lets see it and have feel about her in the dream as how sexy she is.
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kellie pickler sex|photos

kellie pickler photos|SEX

kellie pickler was considered one of the most sexy lady in american idol season 5.she has been so hot in news from so many days.kellie pickler has been involved in many news because of her sexy look and of the website named by crapville is promising to have kellie sex clips but these are still rumours nothing like that is not exposed and came to the light yet a video came but that was faked considered still no clues has come about kellie pickler sex tape or clips lets wait may be it would come